Cantilevered Tensile Fabric Structure



FEA Model Tensile Fabric Structure



Report No. TH-2006002





Project: BPI, International

Lake Brantley Project


Document: Structural Analysis of a 15 x 28 Fabric Structure Subjected to 90 MPH Wind Load



Prepared for: BPI, International

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Prepared by: Michael A. Tharp P.E.


Date: April 24th, 2006



Distribution: Customer Proprietary


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1.0           Executive Summary and Recommendations


The objective of this structural analysis was to confirm feasibility and sizing for a BPI ShadeZone 28 foot x 15.5 foot cantilever structure and foundation to withstand a customer specified design wind speed of 90 MPH for an application in Lake Brantley, Florida.


*    Both a finite element structural models for wind loading in three directions and the structural analysis hand calculations using information from the Florida and International Building Codes indicate acceptable design margins for the proposed column and beam cross sectional sizes and lengths. Depth of the foundation members must be a minimum of 8 feet to resist the wind induced moment at the base of the columns to meet the lateral allowable bearing load for class 3 sandy soil with an allowable bearing of 150 psf/ft below grade level.


*    All beam element stresses for columns, rafter, center ridge, cantilever braces were checked against steel allowable stress limits.


*    Wire rope stresses with the ropes in pretension were calculated for the complete perimeter and the margin of safety was calculated. Calculate MS = 5.5


*    Buckling of the top cantilever brace under axial loading was also checked.


*    Column-to-foundation bolting and weld connections remain to be checked and approved before sealing the design drawings.